Artist's Alley


The Artist’s Alley is a special corner at Nijikon reserved for independent artists who wish to sell/promote their works and activities. Every year we arrange such a space which, we hope, will help artists get in touch directly with their fans and other artists, resulting in an increase in quality and opportunities.

You can register by sending an email at contact[at] in which you should give a short explanation of the activities you wish to have at your booth (commissioning, live drawing etc.) and what works you will be exhibiting. Attach to the email a few samples of the works you will be exhibiting (scans, photographs, whichever is easier for you)


Before you register, we ask that you please carefully read the rules and conditions below:

The cutoff date for registration is November 1st 2015. After this date, until November 7th the organizers will centralize and examine all registrations and on November 8-9 (2 weeks before the event) will announce those accepted to hold a booth on the Alley this year. The primary condition of participating in the Artist’s Alley is that all works presented and sold by the artists be their own (self publishing). Every registered artist will receive two access badges for both days of the convention. The cost of one booth is 80 RON for both days, payable on the spot, on the arranging of the booth.

Places will be supplied in the limit of the available space. Nijikon will subsidize the largest part of the costs for the booths offered for the Artist’s Alley. Thusly, we reserve the right to meticulously select the requests for a booth. The final decisions must be respected. Any discussion of “why them and not me” will be ignored and the instigator will be automatically rejected from future Alley registrations.

The space for the booths will be arranged Friday, November 20th, between 16:00 and 21:00 hours or Saturday, November 21st, between 08:00 and 10:00 hours. Presence at the time of the opening of the event is mandatory. Any unarranged or unoccupied booth at the time of the opening of the event will be suspended. In such cases, the registration tax will not be refunded.


You are allowed with:

Paintings and drawings in original or prints with own creations or fanart

Various printed products (own manga or comics, timetables, calendars, binders, notebooks etc.) with own graphic concept or fanart

Badges, keychains and similar accessories modeled after/printed with own creations or fanart

Figurines or sculptures of own design or fanart (hand-made)

 To the list can be added products that are made during the convention (drawings on demand, sculptures made at the booth etc.)

You are NOT allowed with:

Works with vulgar content

Works containing sexual imagery or excessive violence exhibited visibly (if you wish to sell manga with content unfit for minors, please check the 18+ materials policy, presented below)

Works that are not made through personal effort (you are not allowed to use images from the internet to sell prints or objects imprinted with them)

Works that contain slanderous images or text, attacks to certain people, ethnicities or minorities.



Generally, the exhibition/selling of originals and prints with a pronounced sexual character or that contain excessive violence is strictly prohibited. Certain exceptions will be granted to books. These can be sold ONLY UNDER THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS:

The exhibited products will be shrink-wrapped (sealed with cellophane wrap so that they cannot be opened).

The visible cover must not have any explicit imagery or vulgar text

The cover must present a warning containing the age group that it is targeted at (“18+” or “Not for minors” will suffice)

Selling of these products to minors is strictly prohibited

Presenting the content of these products to minors is strictly prohibited


The Artist's Alley IS NOT the commercial area. Selling any mass-produced commercial product (figurines, accesories, magazines, mangas, comics etc that are not self-made - see above) is prohibited and may lead to removal from the Alley.


Failure to abide by these rules will lead to expulsion from the Alley. In case of expulsion by failure to abide by the rules, the booth tax will not be refunded.


In exceptional cases, these rules can be modified without advanced notice. Changes will be announced on the main page of the site.