Tamiyo Cosplay

Tamiyo Cosplay

Diana Consoli aka Tamiyo is the second member of our cosplay jury. Winner of the third place at this year's Eurocosplay, as Mary Poppins, she visits Nijikon to tell us about what lies behind a detailed costume and how can you make it come to life.

Aside from cosplay, among her hobbies she names video games and Magic the Gathering (from which she draws her nickname). She graduated from an art school and presently she studies construction engineering, both of these leaving a mark on her costume and prop builds.

Although she started cosplaying in 2010, Tamiyo earned won many contests in her native Italy.

On her Facebook and Youtube accounts she posts about how she builds her works. Using an Arduino she gave life to Sakizou Arachne's legs, Medusa's snakes and to the drawers of Poppins' cabinet.


Tamiyo Cosplay - Katniss

Timiyo Cosplay - Medusa