Joe Inoue's message to Nijikon visitors

Our second cosplay judge!

Tamiyo Cosplay

Diana Consoli aka Tamiyo is the second member of our cosplay jury. Winner of the third place at this year's Eurocosplay, as Mary Poppins, she visits Nijikon to tell us about what lies behind a detailed costume and how can you make it come to life. READ MORE....

Older news

Deadline extension for the AMV contest

Due to multiple requests, we decided to extend the signup deadline for our AMV contest until Friday the 13th. If you didn’t get to apply the finishing touches on your clip, now’s your chance. Thanks go out to everyone that managed to respect our initial deadline. If you too feel the need to rectify some aspects of your clip, you can do so now. The AMVs uploaded so far can be found here.

We're proud to announce the first cosplay judge!

Henrik Pilerud is our first judge on this year’s cosplay contest. Cosplayer, photographer, graphic designer, member of the 501st Legion and filmmaker, he was attracted to visual arts and costume-making since he was young. Although in the beginning his costumes were simple and lacked finish, he persevered and honed his craft, building ever more complex costumes that required mastery of several disciplines. A couple of recent examples include the xenomorph from “Alien” and a fu

Guest Panel - Joe Inoue

During the second day of our event, on Sunday, November 22nd, our guest will hold a conference to which all of the visitors are invited. You can find more details HERE. We'll see you there!

Buy a ticket to Nijikon and get your money back!

We wish to remind everyone of our promotion: The first 800 day tickets benefit of a 25 RON discount when shopping at Nijikon. The discount applies to purchases larger than 150 RON, once per ticket. The booths participating are: Mangashop (manga, comics, anime merchandise), Holdfenyteam (merchandise), GamesStop (board games, TCG) We also wish to announce the introduction of event passes, at 40 RON. These passes offer access to our event during both days. The even

Joe Inoue at Nijikon 2015

First and foremost, the tickets are going on sale. And with this, we officially announce our first guest this year - Joe Inoue. Joe is particularly known to the public for his contributions to soundtracks of anime series such as "Naruto: Shippuden" and "Yorinuki Gintama-san". The first day of the event will host a Joe Inoue live concert. For the second day we're preparing a guest panel in which Joe will tell us about his experiences in the Japanese music industry, about what it takes

Signups for the Artist's Alley are online

  Starting today, the signups for the Artist's Alley are open. As usual, anyone interested should read THE RULES carefully, and then contact us. The signups will be closed on the 1st of November and the accepted entries will be announced two weeks before the event. We're waiting for you!

AMV contest registration is open

  A new week, a new contest is online. Our traditional AMV contest returns for this edition, and starting this year it expands internationally. From now on, the contest will accept foreign entries. This, we hope, will raise the quality level of the AMVs and will encourage the Romanian editors' competitivity. Please read THE RULES carefully before submitting your entry. For any kind of discussion regarding the contest, please use the FORUM. Good luck!

Nijikon 2015 Cosplay

Signups are coming online!
  The signup forms and new rules for the Nijikon 2015 cosplay contest are coming online. We'll have an English version up soon (by mid-week hopefully). Meanwhile, for any cosplay-related questions you can find us at cosplay[at] . Also, we're launching a facebook group dedicated to Nijikon-related cosplay questions and discussions, so feel free to subscribe. You don't need to be a contest entrant, having something to discuss in relation to Nijikon cosplay will suffice.

Nijikon 2015 site is online

Preparations begin
The new website is finally online. During this next week we’ll update the site with more info (ticket prices and where you can get them, also a couple of announcements) and we’ll also open registrations for contests, the Artist’s Alley and volunteers.
Starting this year the structure of the cosplay contest will be changed a little bit. Nothing drastic, mostly cosmetic changes. We’ll upload the updated rules alongside the registration forms and then we’ll be a